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Introducing {FiBo} the FibWave bot

A hyper intelligent trading algo engine that manages your trades and risks.


The FibWave Trading Bot.

Proprietary AI/ML Algorithm

With its super intuitive AI/MLCapabilities, {FiBo} can identify opportunities and at the same time averse risks on your accounts.

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Manages Portfolio Risks based on Risk Allocation

{FiBo} is not just an order shooting bot. {FiBo} manages your portfolio risks based on your risk allocation.

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get started in minutes

Trade in Stock Markets or simply advance your funds to FibWave using our proprietary algorithms.

Register With FibWave

Verify your contact number, and complete KYC which is needed to proceed further while maintaining security.

Connect Your Trading Account

Connect {FiBo} with your trading broker account via an API Bridge. It’s That Simple.

Input Details

Put in the capital amount you wish to Invest and input the risk parameters as per your capacity.

Execute Order

{FiBo} does its magic while you can manage/engage/disengage {FiBo} anytime from your trading account or FibWave terminal.

get upto 28%* fixed returns
For our family and friends

Synthetic Advance Returns (SAR) is a pool fund concept for our family and friends. Once your funds are advanced to FibWave, you start generating fixed returns on your otherwise dormant funds. The Best Part is; Withdraw anytime, No Hidden Charges, No Brokerage.

*Terms and conditions apply


*By referral only

“Your Money is Safe and Secure"

Manage and track your advances on the go from your laptop or mobile devices. Its that simple.

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Zero Brokerage “No Brokerage or Hidden Fee/Charges

Returns from your advances are paid out to you on a monthly basis, resulting in additional income to your present dormant liquidity.

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we have reach so far





100+ Man Years

in FinTech industry


International Operations


  1. 01.
    What is SAR?

    SAR is a 'Synthetic Advance Returns' program. SAR is similar to a pool fund concept. Once you have advanced your funds to FibWave, you start generating fixed returns subject to the grid offerings.

  2. 02.
    How do I receive my SAR returns ?

    Returns from your advances are paid out to you on a monthly basis in the form of interest resulting in additional income to your presently dormant liquidity.

  3. 03.
    How do I withdraw my SAR Advances ?

    Simply manage/add/withdraw your advances anytime you wish from your FibWave client terminal on a single click. Your advanced amount shall be credited into your account within T+3 working days.

  4. 04.
    Is there a lock in period or brokerage or any other hidden charges?

    There is no time lock in period or any hidden / additional / brokerage charges etc. Your capital amount stays intact.

  5. 05.
    How do I get started?

    Simply register on the website, fill up the KYC, choose your plan and our team will take you smoothly through the transition. It's that simple.

Choose Your Plan

FibWave is the largest and most trusted trading AI/ML platform provider for institutional, HNI and now opening soon for our retail traders.


Monthly, Quarterly , Yearly


Hurdle Rate on Overall Profit

UHNI/Hedge Fund

Yearly Management Fees, Fixed Performance Fees


No Brokerage

No Additional Charges

No Lock-In